Fancy Dress

What do you wear under a black abaya? It may be unnecessary to describe the color since 99% are black. Well, kids are dressed like  kids everywhere else… mostly. Some are also in abayas – less usual. But mostly the kids wear kids clothing like I’m used to seeing. I was struck by the gaudy contrast of offerings in the shop window. Come to think of it there is a United Colors of Beneton store on the next block. So the women must like color as much as I do. You just don’t wear it outside. And, these offerings are definitely not my taste or style. And this won’t squeeze/hide under an abaya.


3 thoughts on “Fancy Dress

  1. Who is the man reflected in the window? Pricey – fit for a king’s purse.
    Look carefully at the SHOES the women are wearing in this video. Also interesting backdrop for the show.

    • What is the point!!!? You’re supposed to look absolutely shapeless and asexual in this garb. It’s pretty much all black. You really can’t dress up a shapeless black tent. The idea is anti-style. Everyone looks the same so no one looks at you. Shoes? Mostly sandals. And underneath, the CEO’s assistant had jeans one day at work. No rules on the underneath wear. And believe me, I have seen some hideous outfits that were better for the black over wear. Where in the world did you find this fashion show? Amazing.

      • You can find about anything searching on Google. Youtube is a great place to start. I thought your many followers, female that is, might appreciate the fashion freedom we have here in the states. You’re right, a tent is a tent, is a tent – gilded edges or not.

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