In case you are wondering about the order of my posting, I am just going by the order in which I randomly saw things to photograph. The illustrations have served to add color to the prose. I had started the blog in prose and found it a bit dry. So back to the images, I’ve really been using the Canon G11. My limited transportation has made walking the primary means of seeing daily life. With limited range and in a new environment, I have taken Julia’s caution and don’t carry around the big Nikon. In the evening the temperature drops (still in the 90’s) and the sun stops beating down. Passing this window display, I presume the small bottles are for perfume. The larger bottles are not obvious to me. They are certainly decorative. There are many odors. And I have found that people do like to wear scent and they are heavy on it. As one young man told me last night, he doesn’t go out in the sun at all. It means he has to take a shower immediately. I guess that tale tells a lot. Maybe the big bottle’s for real after all.


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