Passport’s missing? Don’t panic!!!

Old age and/or dementia must be setting in. One fine morning I realized that I didn’t have my passport. I remained calm. Rolling back the videotape of my adled mind, I had last had the passport in hand while I was in HR (human resources). Someone from the government liaison desk had copied it. I was filling out other forms and when I returned he handed me this paper. It’s an official stamped copy of my passport. They keep my passport until my working permit is processed. I hadn’t realized that my passport was not returned to me. Working the scenario on the way back to HR, I had a picture copy of my passport stored on the memory card of my camera and I knew where the American Embassy was located. Fortunately I didn’t panic!! I met the same clerk in HR who had processed me the day before and he calmly confirmed that he had retained my passport. This incident taught me to maintain serenity in the face of new changes.


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