Roommates (not for the faint of heart)

WARNING: If you are faint hearted please skip this post today.

Don’t ask and I won’t tell you, but it wasn’t there yesterday.

My first clue was on the dining room table. Later on I discovered more. From the bite marks I imagined a R.O.U.S. (rodent of unusual size) ala “The Princess Bride.”

It’s a big bite, or many small ones.

My next phone call was to maintenance who contacted a pest control expert who set out animal traps and glue traps. Yes, they use good old-fashioned cheese. Well, in this case they use wedge foil wrapped cheese – high end.

It wasn’t about the picture

My first catch was a rather large mouse – not quite a rat. The droppings seemed to match and I thought I was done. After all what animal lives in a place no one has occupied for six months and with no ready source of food. Wrong! In the following week I got around ten more mice. I actually lost count.

Mangy? Hungry? Need a job?

Got a double, not once but twice. Ugh and double ugh!

And I even caught things that I never expected – one geko and two mosquitoes. Every time I think it’s over, it isn’t so I keep checking my traps and am looking for a friendly mouse catching cat. I have my garbage in the freezer. (I don’t really have any groceries.) And everything else is in closed cabinets or sealed containers. Oh, and one night opening my front door, I looked down to see a mouse dart into the house past my feet. Imagine the nerve! Anyway, I pretty sure he’s toast now.


One thought on “Roommates (not for the faint of heart)

  1. Victor, as nasty as this is, you didn’t lose your life. A friend’s roommate left the stove gas on from 8:30PM until she went to work at 5:30, then texted my friend that she thought she smelled gas, but didn’t do anything about it! When my friend woke up , the house was filled with gas – she’s a smoker and had she lit one, the whole house, plus her her guests would have been blown to kingdom come. This happened yesterday.
    I got the first call and was so thankful that this tragedy was avoided, God was watching out for them. My friend was going to give this roommate, who has done some other weird things, a 30 day notice. I suggested a 3 Day notice before this person does anything else. Roommate will be gone today!

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