International Medical Center

International Medical Center will hereafter be known as IMC. All of you who follow from this point will be secretly in the know. The rest will simply have to catch up. The history, a physician, during his training developed the concept of healing the ‘mind, body, and soul.’ Really! Honest! I was awake during orientation and he repeated this to the audience again. For the first time in my life I have met a physician and administrator who believes that healing is an altruistic pursuit. Of course, the hospital accepts and insists upon payment for medical services. But the intent is to provide high quality health care with high satisfaction. In the next few days I will begin an architectural tour of the hospital. The CEO physician designed the hospital to combine health care in an environment of serenity where healing as well as care are important. This is a view to the internal courtyard from the third floor and looks over the second floor garden with just a peek at the ground floor garden. You can walk there if you are able to brave the fierce heat of the day. But the evenings and mornings are pleasant.


2 thoughts on “International Medical Center

    • Yes, as you will see it is very nice. Temps since I arrived have been above 100 degrees. Ah… but a dry heat. You don’t go out in the heat of the day. A/C runs day and night.

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