I’m on a diet. Yeah, yeah, I’m not overweight but I got to an exercise routine and went on a weight loss program before leaving NY. I cut down on sugar, salt, soft drinks, snacks, high carbs, you know all the stuff that’s bad. Amazing that I did it before a major health breakdown. I’ll post more about food and eating in later posts. Hey, there’s no rush. I’m gonna be here for a while. Well, what do you know? Right on the counter as a welcoming gift was fruit and some basics in the refrigerator. Carbonated sugar soda, a large bag of cane sugar, fruit [healthy] and whole milk, American cheese and white bread in the ‘frig. Trust me when I say that there is a segment of the population that believes real cheese and American cheese are the same. The folks here do – do believe! I did just now find a deli counter with Jarlsburg swiss. Ah home! But the turkey pastrami is for the birds. As I said, food is a whole ‘nother topic. Don’t worry, I’m not losing weight.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Yes, I’ve been on a diet and exercise program and today weighed in less than before. Even with clothes, cell phone and wallet. I could say that I’m being careful but there’s a lot of high carb eating. And the Middle Eastern sweets are heavy on butter and honey.

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