Living Large

Touchdown. First shot. Dining room, kitchen. Everything is in these three bags.

Five Bedroom Villa

Ok! Everyone asked where I would live when I arrived in Jeddah. I had been told that I would be living in a five bedroom villa in a walled compound. It is known locally as the Andalus compound. It has high walls, about twelve feet with a security gate manned 24 hours a day. There is a pool, sauna, basketball court which doubles as a soccer court, lounge, and internet café. I have a villa that was reserved for me since my visit last December. That means it’s been empty awaiting my arrival. I’ll discuss more about that in a future post. Yup! Five, count ‘em, five bedrooms! What does a single guy do in all that space on two levels? And, I am coming from a fairly spacious four bedroom apartment in Manhattan. So far I just peeked into three bedrooms but haven’t been in them. One bedroom has a TV set up and is a den/sitting room. The master bedroom has a king bed and giant walk-in closet. There are four TV’s but no microwave or vacuum. I have a washer/dryer and an ironing board (no iron). There are dishes but no pots to cook with. Most of the minor technicalities have been solved. I now have an iron, two giant Dutch ovens as pots. I will have to find my own microwave. Drat! So far without reliable transportation, I haven’t been able to find the local home goods store. It will wait. Meanwhile I eat out frequently. Restaurant eating is relatively inexpensive. I can’t ever be dehydrated. Everywhere I go, someone is offering me bottled water.

Hereafter follow the Saudi adventure in this blog Imaged Event.

Living room, high ceilings, rug, heavy curtains, flat screen TV

The Stanley Cup Finals!?!

King bed, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of course

Master bath, no towel, no shower 24 hrs, air dry? No prob.


6 thoughts on “Living Large

  1. This palace is huge, maybe you can sublet a few rooms and buy extra towels. Hope you get that microwave soon. What does an average meal cost – and how about a shot of it. I know you probably won’t be taking any videos – so for those of use who want to know more about the compound . . .

    • I have to say that the way to go is high walled compounds. I’ll have some pictures. There’s a pool and so forth. In 100 degree weather, the pool is mostly warm and evaporating. I should do laps but the pool is about 20 yds and not too inviting.

  2. Are you sure this isn’t a prison compound? That bathroom is empty. They don’t allow sharp objects or towels for hanging yourself? I agree with Trailblazer. Wonderful idea to sublet a few rooms (only until you acquire the harem) and buy towels. This is awful. Send cheerful news. Go out and buy something, anything, to fill up that place! 🙂

    • I had to go out and buy some towels. It a guy thing. I’m living lean. My mother in law threw out grandpa’s stuff and filled his old workshop with a couch and new rug. I realized how little of what we own is dear to our beloved. So for the past year I have been throwing out stuff. Not everything, but enough so that when that time comes it will be less painful to junk my stuff. How much is really important?

      • I’m not a collector. But when I try to get rid of anything, my daughter whines. I like things fairly simple. I’m a low-maintenance woman who likes her computer and software more than clothes or pedicures. But, I would be right there in the marketplace buying towels and some good things to cook.

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