Long live the king

For a short while, I will post to all three of my blogs regarding Saudi Arabia. My secret/insanity/mid life crisis will be now be revealed. I realize that I won’t live past one hundred. What fun would it be to say that I had lived in one place all my life? After letting you all know of my initial cultural shock and adjustment, I will continue the Saudi adventure on the Imaged Event blog, for which my posting has been fairly quiet. Like a diary I will provide observations of life and living in a foreign country. I am sympathetic but not so good on the empathetic side. My experience is giving me a new perspective as someone who is no longer language (English) proficient in learning how to adjust to different customs, food, and culture. I arrived on June 3, 2012, but have delayed posting until I have been in country long enough to get my bearings. My time zones remain completely discombobulated. To repeat, Photo Back Story will chronicle my photographic experience and Imaged Event will transition to my Suadi experience.


Today’s image is of the King. He is old and in poor health according to sources. His heirs apparent have both died and the line of succession is being determined. This seemed like a good place to start.


5 thoughts on “Long live the king

    • I will post the same pictures in both blogs for a few days and then transition to Imaged Events as my primary place for Saudi Arabia and my cultural education. Photo Back Story will continue as my blog for photos current and past following my previous theme of combining stories and recollections. There are many more readers on Photo Back Story. But there are many friends and relatives who want to hear about the new adventures in the Middlle East. As long as I keep posting everyone is assured that I am well and not captured by the local authorities. It only took three days during my visit in December 2011 to be detained by the coast guard. I got to see real working AK 47 automatic rifles up close and personal.

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