St Partrick’s Day 2012

Well, the big day was Saturday. Everyone’s Irish. The gays and lesbians, ILGO, still doesn’t get to march. Just about everyone else does. They come from all over the world to march and to watch. The folks standing behind me were non English speaking and had a great time. Young, old and everywhere in between. It goes on for hours and you might think that you have heard every possible melody that can be played on bagpipes. No floats! No balloons! It’s not a Macy’s extravaganza. Ford did pony up to be the lead sponsor vehicle. And the police came by with a black SUV and cameras rolling to gather footage of the spectators, just in case…. As always, watch the kids. It’s fun to see them. And then it all gets crazy in Times Square and around the bars. No drinking on the streets… arrested. Yeah, it was a pretty crazy day. And, everyone’s Irish for a day.

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3 thoughts on “St Partrick’s Day 2012

  1. I’m green with envy – rained here all day. Thanks for so many great shots – the parents of those kids would love to see this. Nothing overexposed with these marchers.

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