Saudi Arabia, Supermarket

Inside a computer mall

I wandered into the supermarket and it was surprisingly well stocked with products with which I was familiar. I saw all the same breakfast cereals, cookies, and staples. It’s a Pepsi town, even though I saw Coke. Everywhere you go, it’s Pepsi in the restaurants. The main difference was the Arabic writing on the packages. I saw bags of shredded mozzarella, which seemed somehow incongruous with Arabic writing. I will add that Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut are considered ‘pizza’ around these parts. And there was one other puzzle. The cake cases had bottles of Pepsi displayed around the cakes. This was repeated in other stores. I was told that this was fractured thinking on how display baked goods.

Don't know what's in the bottles

The soda is decoration

Flat bread while you wait

Familiar product, Arabic logo

And right outside, shoes


2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia, Supermarket

    • The market was in a mall. The mall was dedicated to computers. Which is to say that there were about 50 stores all devoted to selling or repairing computers. On the ground floor was the supermarket. I was checking the inventory for American things. The shoes, well they have your size or they don’t. Everywhere the shoes were loose and without boxes. The shoe guy was outside the mall. The Muslims don’t seem to remove their shoes. It’s a Japanese kind of thing.

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