Saudi Arabia, Markets

Lots of junk food

No alcohol. No pork. Those are the major information facts for me. No wonder there are no tourists. You can get bootleg booze. But imagine you’ve traveled half way round the world to unwind and relax. Then you can’t get a cocktail. I will admit that the menu at TGI Friday’s has margaritas. They just don’t have alcohol in them. And that bacon cheeseburger I had, the bacon was beef – so much for fooling the censors. The internet is also censored but I wasn’t around long enough to confirm this fact. Otherwise the market did appear to have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Junk food? All the old familiar brands – McDonalds, Tuesdays, Friday’s, KFC, and Chili’s were represented. Baskin Robbins ice cream is a favorite.

Big Mac. Good price

Good but bad for you, naturally

Make me a gyro

Fresh produce vendor

Roadside service

It's the preferred way to buy shoes

Yup they stack their produce

Mens clothing section


4 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia, Markets

  1. When I opened your page to read this post, I expected the fruit and local merchants… but I was not expecting so much American style food…. and definitely not TGI Fridays. Really interesting post, and I loved the photos! Especially the last one 😀

    • I was surprised to see all the major American food chains represented. And to think that Baskin Robbins is really considered as an American representation of good ice cream. Crispy Cream is pretty much gone from NY but alive and well in Jeddah.

    • No the puff pastry is phyllo a layered Greek pastry dough. And the stuffing is pistachio nuts. Mixed with honey and butter and you know it tastes good and is bad for you all at the same time. I thought that the Korean green grocers in NY were the only ones so fussy about stacking their fruit. Pick from the middle if you dare. In a few days you will see how they display cake.

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