Saudia Arabia, Fish Market

Sharks, my daughter loves shark (to see)

Fish market

In my travel to Tanzania, I visited a local fish market and was fascinated to see everyday culture in the busy market place. I tried to repeat the experience in Jeddah. The driver brought me to the market and walked with me among the stalls. He was Indian and spoke limited Arabic and limited English. There was a large variety of seafood available including shark, lobster, and crab. It was a very busy place. I did not encounter anyone who was unfriendly. The religious police and some other authority figures curtailed my activities. They made is clear that I should stop taking pictures. I got a few shots. I would have spent more time but the threat of running afoul of the authorities was greater. My driver was not very good in the Arabic language either. As time has gone by, I find that people pictures are more interesting than the staid architecture in so many places. There is only so much interest in another mosque. It was an old rule of National Geographic, that people were important to the story.

Outside the market


Take your pick, quite a variety

Got fish?

I snorkeled with some of their friends


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