Santacon 2011

This is a first for me. I had seen some pictures so I was curious. The online site stated that the location of the gathering would be secret until the night before. Santa and his helpers gathered at two sites one in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn. They then descended upon South Street Seaport. It is definitely not a bar crawl, so they claim. Since it’s against the law to consume alcohol in public in NYC, everyone who didn’t buy beer on tap, had a brown bag or the equivalent. I saw a group on the subway, pouring liquor into their empty water bottles in order to camouflage their activity. They needn’t have bothered. This was a young adult gathering of thousands spread across the city and in communication by twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Santacon 2011

  1. What a blast – flash mob of Santa wannabes. What really impressed me was, after your great shots, was what a clean-cut bunch they were. I didn’t see anything on the news about this, but just the usual occupy Wall Street crew – and now occupy our ports here on the West Coast.

    The second shot – wasn’t that Dr. House in the middle? Sure looks like him.

    • It was all organized by social media – facebook, twitter, and so forth. No police presence. The time and place to meet was broadcast at the last minute on the day of the event. Everyone then converged from all around the city. This means that all the clean cut were young and socially connected. They do not talk to press. They just want a party. The group and splinter groups were spread all around the city with updates on twitter periodically to inform the crowd where to meet next. Quite a crowd showed up to participate.

  2. Carol emailed
    I accidently found myself in the middle of one a couple of years ago- at the seaport- there were santas as far as the eye could see- it was wild. this is evidently a yearly event.

    Yes, it seems they did/were.

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