Occupy Portland, Maine

It’s funny because I never intended to see so many demonstrations. Portland, Oregon has a much bigger operation that has been in the news. Whenever you mention Portland, it’s usually Oregon where there’s lots more going on. The internet says it’s so when you search the name.

At high noon on December 2, it was crisp and blustery with a chill breeze in the park. I passed the encampment, which by now I recognize by its appearance. The signs soon confirmed the purpose. The tents were well spaced. There was hardly anyone stirring. There was no police interest or presence. Maybe the protesters were sleeping late or they were off at another event. I had literally minutes so I could not speak with anyone, not that there were many people about. Maybe I’m mistaken but it seems that, “The revolution is temporarily canceled due to lack of interest.”

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Gallery follows:


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