New York City Night

I used my Canon G11 because it has an f2.8 lens. I let the ISO go on auto. And finally, I hold my hand steady. Some of the shutter speeds are 1/125 sec. For a while I got sloppy because the camera was so good. Now it’s back to the basics. Night shots are always a bit more exciting for me. There is no telling what the camera sensor will capture. I walked uptown and cross-town the other night. Bryant Park has free ice-skating. Everyone was out in the mild evening air to take advantage. Ping-pong in the park was new. The Christmas season has a series of pop up shops open around the park to sell holiday gifts. Night-lights are a requirement for buildings around Times Square. The brighter the better, so the glare of the neon signs is enough to get fine shots. It’s almost too bright and there is a tendency to overexpose. Soon to be obsolete incandescent light bulbs cast a harsh glare on the food vendors. I hand-hold my camera and avoid flash. It works for me.

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