Cross-town New York City

The avenues are wide and the traffic lights are staggered to turn green in the direction of traffic flow. Walking ‘cross-town’ in New York City is often faster than driving. The intersections are filled with pedestrians crossing against the light. There are double-parked vehicles loading and unloading. There are cars stopped for no reason. Well, you get the picture.

When dealing with a government agency, it’s best to steel yourself for several visits. You’ll never have all the right papers on the first try. But New York is also wonderful because just about any business can be found and transacted here. No mailing and waiting for a reply. So last week, I trudged ‘cross-town’ four, count ’em, four times in order to get a single bureaucratic task accomplished. That is – four round trips. And wouldn’t you know it, it was westside to eastside almost completely – tenth avenue to second avenue. There’s only first and eleventh left. Avenue blocks are longer than streets by far.

With that background, walking was best – the subway, bus, cab, or car would all have been slower. I took along the point and shoot camera to ward off boredom. One of the first things I came across was a construction site. The crew was framing a series of peaked roofs. And, later they finished them with standard roof tiles like the suburbs. I puzzled and wondered whether the walls would be erected. Nope. It’s art!

It seemed that almost every trip had some element of rain. This worked out with more saturated leaf color and nice reflections from the pavement. This year in NY it was all yellow. There were some red leaves. But the predominant color was yellow. I mistook the 5th Avenue store to be a $5 store not a dollar store. Come to think of it, there were lots of items on sale for more than a dollar but less than five.

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