Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires, Argentina. There’s a book devoted to BA street art. In walking around the suburbs, street art is quite acceptable. Without too much effort one can see artists at work. One woman in this series of images was working right in front of a school. I saw another artist spraying clear varnish to protect his work from the weather. Others worked in plain sight within a playground. I don’t know the rules for who decides where an artist may work. Much of what you see is in the neighborhood of Palermo, a wealthy suburb not too far from the main city center. My son was working nearby and living in a building with a pool and hot tub on the roof. He also had a great view and great sunsets.


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Gallery follows:


14 thoughts on “Buenos Aires Street Art

    • Thank you for sharing your photos of Colombian street art. I would like to think that it all started with Taki 183 here in the NYC subway system. But we all know that mankind has been painting on walls from prehistoric times.

  1. These are exceptional works – so much artistry, plentiful and varied. I find it interesting that the street art is featured within a wealthy neighbourhood and this really tells you about the community. I would like to take a trip to Buenos Aires to see this. Great photos!

    • Marina
      You inspired my post today. With my new found skill with Lightroom, it wasn’t too hard to cull these shots. My family laughs at all the images I take. So needless to say there was a lot of street art that never made it to the final family edit. I’m glad to share with you.

      • I am glad for the inspiration – this is a gallery of great shots. I am getting my first DSLR this week – I think I will be a nightmare with the # of clicks I’ll be making with the camera. I’ll have plenty to learn though! I would love to see street scapes of B.A. if you ever do such a post.

      • B.A. tour sounds fab. I may need some photography tips from you – unless you’re willing to post on the do and don’ts! 🙂 (and all the tricks in between).

      • Marina
        I started a blog on tips at PhotoCritical. (Check my blogroll.) And please feel free to send me a photo by the email address listed there. I’d be happy to try to advise you.

    • You are very welcome. I might not have been in Argentina either, except for wayward adventurous children and their mother who misses them. It’s how I ended up in Africa also.

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